Now enrolling clinical trials in Greece’s breakthrough treatment to optimize conception, rejuvenate the endometrium, and establish the world’s first clinical standard for uterine health.

Inovium Endometrial Rejuvenation Trials

For years, women with otherwise healthy eggs and embryos have failed to conceive due to unhealthy endometrial linings and a failing uterus. Lacking in any clear method for ascertaining the health of the uterus, the mainstream fertility sciences have offered no clear explanation of why women experience these issues – let alone a viable and effective solution.

Until now.

Following up on the over 75% success rate of the Inovium Ovarian Rejuvenation Treatment for hormone restoration, pregnancy, and live births, our researchers in Greece developed the Endometrial Rejuvenation Treatment – a technique for optimizing successful embryo implantation and uterine health. Over the course of a year, preclinical administration of the technique has resulted in multiple recorded live births, ongoing pregnancies, and increased endometrial linings to fertile levels.

Now, for the first time, the treatment is being offered in multiple clinical trial locations across the United States – in Chicago, New York, and California – with a goal of optimizing the rate of successful pregnancy for all women, and developing the world’s first clinical standard for tracking, monitoring, and significantly improving uterine health in women.

Trials are now open for 50 women and couples pursuing fertility and pregnancy.  Though the trial is open to all women, women who already have donor or personal embryos ready for implantation, and who have an identified risk of failed implantation, are preferred.